Droning On About Drones

They go on dangerous military missions, search for missing persons and take photographs of Kenan Stadium (Go Heels!).



Mentioned most recently in President Obama’s State of the Union Address, drones are becoming more prevalent in our society and our profession.

Imagine footage from areas too dangerous for humans to go. Think about the stories we could report with information gathered by drones. Drones have had and will continue to have a positive influence on media.

At the same time, drones used to gather news prompt ethical and economic questions.

Drones literally take humans out of the equation. The absence of humanity could lead to reporting without compassion and without ethical boundaries. Not having a reporter to make moral judgments could be detrimental.

And what about jobs?! I can’t be the only hopeful journalist who is not worried about losing her job to a machine? There is no doubt that drones are convenient and will certainly replace some reporters, especially those assigned to stories in problematic areas. It could also create a need for jobs to support the technology and lead to major monetary commitments.

We must be cautious when introducing such a powerful tool into the industry. However, technology will change and innovation is inevitable. We can either adapt and grow or become superfluous.


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