Snaps to CNN

Some of us have read about and even more of us have experienced the new Snapchat update. It looks like this:


Like others, who have blogged before me, I was extremely interested in the new platforms that I now had access to, especially this button:

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.16.20 PM

“Wow,” I thought, “I love CNN news and I love Snapchat!”

I began checking the feature every day and started to wondered why Snapchat chose CNN and not another network for the Discover page? And not only that, but why did CNN choose Snapchat? And not just that, but was it a good decision for both parties?

Why did Snapchat choose CNN?

My new friends at Pew Research Center polled the public and said that CNN is the only cable news network to report more facts than opinions.


This seems to be a likely reason Snapchat chose CNN to be part of the launch of “Discover” and not another leading network.

Why did CNN choose Snapchat?

With traditional news becoming “outdated” to new generations it seems to be a perfect opportunity for CNN to jump into a new demographic. Reaching more people will lead to other benefits as well; the Snapchat audience will become familiar with the brand and will continue to rely on it for news long after Snapchat is gone.

They are appealing to a new audience… and it is obvious.

For every “hard news” story there is a features/popular interest story to accompany it. So far, CNN has covered both President Obama’s trip to India and a ranking of the coolest jobs in America on the Discover page. Two vastly different stories but tailored to the same audience.

And this is totally on purpose:

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 3.57.13 PM

And it’s really, really smart.

Is it a good idea?

As I said before, building a new audience is necessary and CNN is on the edge of innovation with the introduction of Snapchat Discover. They are not only introducing themselves to a new demographic but also creating loyal viewers for the future.

In addition, while not all of CNN’s Discover stories are “hard news” they are certainly including important reports that some viewers might have never seen without Snapchat.


So, snaps to CNN for spreading the news and creating new consumers.


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