If Angelina Jolie said it, it must be true.

In my last blog I talked about how journalists were becoming celebrities and the problems that arise from the merger.

Now allow me to scare you bit more when I tell you that celebrities are becoming journalists.

It’s the truth.

In fact, more people are inclined to believe what celebs say (aside from Amanda Bynes and Charlie Sheen) than reporters. The public does not trust news media the same way they do tweets from movie stars.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 8.20.49 PM

The Huffington Post says George Clooney jump-started this trend. He is what they call a civically-leveraged celebrity, or one with a platform. This type of celeb uses their popularity to bend the media to their will.

Think Angelina Jolie type stuff.angelina-jolie_tomb_raider_humanitarian_UNHCR_united_nation_un_opt1

Because they already have the media coverage, they can get news to report anything they want.

Say Jolie wants to conserve rainforests, I guarantee she can and will write, produce and star in a movie in the Amazon about dwindling tree frog populations. This will then attract paparazzi who will capture her saving the frogs. #JolieLovesTreeFrogs will start trending on twitter creating a primetime story on NBC.

And the public, trusting these celebrities, goes along with it.

Without these stars some of the news we read and watch would never be published. And while I am all for saving the Amazonian Tree Frogs, other news they push may not be as benevolent. Some of it might even be untrue.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 8.30.16 PM

So how do we ensure this does not consume our news?

As journalists we must remember to be objective, not allowing the limelight these celebs bask in to blind us of our values. Although stars may try to push their own agendas and create news where news does not exist, remaining independent from this will keep the integrity of the industry intact.


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