Those who cannot learn from history…

Today in history: Toyota is fined a billion dollars for concealing safety defects, Bush orders the invasion of Iraq, Michael Jordan makes a comeback, Bob Dylan released his first album and the state of Nevada legalizes gambling.

This is your daily reminder that the past is never dead. It’s not even past.

And there’s an app for that… it’s called Timeline.

The application is more than just a fun substitution for those little calendars your 8th grade history teacher kept on her desk. It gives a brief summary of current news and connects them to events in the past. Timeline contextualizes news.

Let’s use the recent news coverage of March Madness as an example (mainly because they used a UNC image as the cover).


Timeline provides relevant history blurbs about basketball, the NCAA and gambling. Now, I know the news and how it was shaped.


I believe news is moving in this direction. It’s Buzzfeed meets New York Times. News is a new way.

Readers want more than headlines. Digital news provides just that with links and opportunities to go beyond the bold font on the front page.

Now, Timeline will do the research for you providing background without users having to click or search. Lazy? Maybe. Genius? Most definitely.

Catching up is no longer a problem. If you are new to a story, the app has all you need to know at the tip of your thumb. It beautifully combines original content with informative background.

And while some newsies say this context is unnecessary for every story, nobody can argue the influence Timeline will certainly have on the world of news.


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