Live, from Chapel Hill, it’s Saturday Night!

I have been out of Chapel Hill for almost three weeks now with the occasional 24-hour layover to wash and repack my clothes.

As a cheerleader, I’ve been following the UNC Basketball team to various destinations for NCAA tournament.

And while my academic to-do list is too long to conceptualize, I feel as though I haven’t missed a second of the social happenings back on the Hill.

Thank you, social media.

During my absence I certainly stayed up to date with my Instagram news feed, which let me see edited photos of friends in a socially acceptable, parental approved filtered, light.


I know they don’t want their mommas seeing their Snapchat stories.

Parties, late-night pizza eating, drunken antics and, most importantly, embarrassing selfies that disappear in 24 hours both entertained and frightened me as I watched my friends live it up hundreds of miles away.

I’m addicted. It’s like reality television featuring your best friends. With little to no consequences (that we know of just yet) for broadcasting this type of content, users feel free to post whatever they want.

Good for me, possibly bad for them.

While I may never know what John Robinson said about music sharing in class last week, I know how many bars a classmate went to and who was acting a fool on the dance floor.

Snapchat has definitely set the bar high for other platforms to mimic this live-feed like feature. Periscope and Meerkat, for example, developed under the “happening now” heading and many more are sure to follow.

We saw this before. Newspapers took to long to turn around so radio was developed. TV was too slow, so news networks started breaking stories online.

While Snapchat captures in the moment photo and video that followers can watch instantly, is instant too slow for today’s users?

The video chat feature already exists in the app but I will not be surprised if a new live-feed option is made available in upcoming weeks.

Soon I won’t have to wait a few seconds to see what content my friends deem worth posting, I will sit back and watch the events unfold, one (camera) shot at a time.


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