Pressure’s Off, Snaps On

Snapchat is dominating my social media diet.


It’s a recent development, and one that is here to stay. It offers photo and video sharing, real-time updates, a discover page that shows news from 12 different platforms, chat, video chat and money transfer.

Your one stop shop for all things good in the world.

And while all of my friend mocked my endless selfie taking (I know the best angles and lighting), they also shared why they loved Snapchat.


“It’s a chill way to know what people are doing. It’s a less formal way to connect with people that you wouldn’t otherwise stay in touch with.” –Alexa Owens, Senior

“I like sending images that I know my friends will enjoy without worrying about other people necessarily seeing them. It lets them know that I am thinking of them without putting in a lot of effort.” –Stephanie Watts, Junior

“There’s no pressure to get likes or retweets on Snapchat. You can post whatever you want and nobody gets to judge your pictures or videos.” –Caroline Bates, Senior

There seemed to be a trend. People love Snapchat because it’s easy, effortless and stress-free.

Unlike other platforms, there is not an option to approve of others snaps via liking or sharing. It’s there and it’s gone. Other than the snap back (when someone returns your snap), your message is what it is.

I think sharing and liking is essential to develop content and even make it go viral. You can see that on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, some of the most popular platforms.

But apparently removing this pressure is refreshing and could be the key to Snapchat’s success.



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