Snapping Into Something New(s)

If you are a Snapchat user, you know about the recent story streams from New York City and Los Angeles.

These are Snapchat stories available to all users featuring content provided by other users within the required geographical areas- In this case, NYC and LA.

They are extremely entertaining. I watch street performers in the subway and Broadway stars dancing down 5th Avenue. On the West Coast, I enjoy the sight of meatheads lifting at Muscle Beach and concerts in the Staples Center.

Mostly it’s another way of connecting.

The events in these two major cities have little effect on my life, but imagine a Snap story of Chapel Hill, Raleigh or even Durham. I’d say it is not too far off.

While Snapchat is now in the business of fun, friendships and folly one day it will be a news source to users. News will come via snap story from your surrounding area. Live updates of events will engage users who will see the world through their screens.

Although the NYC and LA stories are streamed to all users, soon only users in that area will be able to view them. It’s local news in a revolutionary way.

Nothing has been said about the introduction of new, regional Snap stories, but I’d say it will not be long until the app snaps into this new way to spread news.


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